March 11 Show of Support

University administration has announced that the sculpture will be made temporary INDEFINITELY, while an unknown committee works on no promised or proposed deadline towards a process to evaluate the sculpture.

After waiting months for the university to create a process for reviewing the sculpture’s status, our community is running thin on patience for university maneuvering.

We called on students, staff, faculty, and our wider community members to meet at the sculpture for Los Seis de Boulder (in front of Temporary Building 1-next to Sewall Hall-at CU Boulder campus) at 12pm, noon, on Wednesday, March 11, where we demonstrated in support of the sculpture.

Grupo Tlahuitzcalli performed a ceremony in honor of each of Los Seis: Neva, Una, Reyes, Florencio, Heriberto, and Francisco.

The sculpture is supported widely across campus, and also within the wider community. We must show up, and demonstrate to the university administration that we will not play committee games. Supporters brought flowers, candles, and pictures of loved ones to leave at the sculpture; showing the university the meaning of community, and demonstrating our commitment to representation for erased histories on campus. No more excuses, no more delays, no more confusion – we have one simple demand of the administration: Make the sculpture for Los Seis permanent NOW.

As the great Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. wrote in his Letter From Birmingham Jail, justice too long delayed is justice denied.